Regional Economic Development Institute | About Us
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About Us

Learn about our history and work

Who we are

Regional Economic Development Institute (REDI) is a leading independent research institution. Established in Surabaya on May 21, 2001, REDI has more than twenty-one years of experience conducting various surveys, studies, and assessments, both quantitative and qualitative research. Also, for online data collection, we use the applications based on Android and iOS such as CAPI.

Since 2001, REDI has carried out various works for national and international agencies. REDI has carried out work with national agencies such as Bank Indonesia & its Branch Offices, Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs, East Java & West Nusa Tenggara Provincial Government, and also several local governments in Indonesia. For international agencies, REDI has worked for The World Bank, Australian Aid, International Finance Corporation (IFC), GTZ/GIZ, ILO, European Union (EU) Commission, USAID, The Asia Foundation (TAF), and Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC).

REDI has been designing and conducting quantitative and qualitative research on various topics and various key informants, including households and public communities, small and medium enterprises, financial institutions, government officials and agencies, private institutions, and large private companies.

In terms of scale, REDI is experienced in managing various research scales, including a large number of respondents (more than 1,000 respondents) and team members (more than 100 personnel), located in urban, rural, and remote areas across many different districts and provinces in Indonesia.

Code of conduct

REDI obligates all team personnel to obey five main ethical codes during the implementation of an ongoing project (training and socialization or study/data collection process), i.e.: intellectual property right, confidentiality, no bribery act, child protection policy, and Covid-19 safety protocol.

Clients of REDI